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About the System

The University of North Texas System and our member institutions – UNT, UNT Dallas, and UNT Health Science Center (the "System") – strategically determine program offerings and new academic directions to best serve our region and state to drive our economy into the future. 

As Dallas-Fort Worth’s regional leader in higher education, we have a rich legacy built on the philosophy that higher education should be accessible to everyone and we are committed to the pursuit of a brighter future for all of North Texas. We locally immerse ourselves in the business community and partner with industry leaders to proactively address workforce needs.  In doing so, we are creating academic programs and modernizing higher education by providing hands-on experience for students as we develop tomorrow’s workforce that will continually drive the economy and propel our North Texas communities forward.

With a focus on uplifting underserved communities, we address economic and health disparities across Dallas-Fort Worth through grassroots programming and innovative research programs. Each of our member institutions solve local problems through innovative discoveries that are applied across DFW, while also giving back through civic partnerships and philanthropic initiatives.

University of North Texas System Institutions

University of North Texas (UNT): UNT, our flagship university in Denton, is a Tier 1 research university with more than 42,000 students. UNT's vision is to become globally known for collaborative and imaginative educational innovation and scholarly activity that transforms students and benefits the world. UNT is currently expanding its influence in the North Texas region as it builds a new, innovative campus in Frisco, Texas.

University of North Texas Health Science Center: UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth is one university, built on values, defining and producing the healthcare providers of the future. UNTHSC is one of the nation’s premier graduate academic medical centers, with more than 2,400 students and six schools that specialize in patient-centered education, research and health care. UNTHSC is the top producer of primary care physicians in Texas and is a leader in DNA and aging/Alzheimer’s Disease research.

University of North Texas Dallas: Through education and community connectedness, UNT Dallas aspires to be the pathway to socioeconomic mobility in its primary market. UNT Dallas is one of the fastest-growing universities in Texas with more than 4,200 students, UNT Dallas’ main campus is located in southern Dallas, while its UNT Dallas College of Law is located in downtown Dallas.

Meet the Team

Susan Alanis

Deputy Chancellor for Finance & Operations

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Maleia Torres

Associate Vice Chancellor of Treasury

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Gulnaar Murthy

Director, Treasury

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Aprille Lim

Senior Financial Analyst

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Jennifer Sevilla

Treasury Analyst

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